A common question we get:  'Did you get good press coverage from your recent travels?'
Well yeah, we guess so? We sure talked to a lot of press, camera crews and radio. But unless you have your own inhouse communication department, or a working memory (we have neither) it's a little hard keeping track.
So we asked google. A quick search brought up a surprising amount of articles, of which these are the most relevant. 

  • Takethis.org says: 
    'I’m completely into the idea of VR. Being transported into games that surround me, and exploring fictional worlds from the inside? Awesome. Having to smush a headset over my glasses and roll the dice to see whether I’ll be anxious, nauseous, or just plain disoriented by the time I get out? Well, that’s less great. But DEEP sounds like a game I’d risk it for.'

  • Wareable.com crowns use 'Best use of wearable tech'

  • Digitaltrends.com calls us 'one of the high profile installations at this years exhibition.'

Check out the complete articles below:









Neat huh?